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Strategy / Deckbuilder / Rogue-Like

A 3D deck building roguelike game. Collect over 240 abilities; level them up, enchant them, pair them up with over 100 trinkets, and synergize them with your companions' abilities to create endless combinations to defeat your foes.


Mankind, cursed to forever live through their destruction, only to have time reset once they've all been killed with no memory of what happened. You play as Realm, a simple peasant, who's goal is to lift the curse. Only you remember what happened between each reset. Learn, adapt, slay beasts, find loot, die, rinse and repeat!


  • 240+ cards you can use during any run
  • 5 decks, each specialized in different areas
  • 5 classes to level up, unlocking newer cards as you progress
  • Level cards to make them stronger, each having 3 levels
  • Cards can be enchanted, adding completely different abilities to it
  • 100+ trinkets to find
  • 90 enemies
  • 15+ companions to aid you during your crusade
  • 170+ cosmetics to unlock
  • 3 acts to complete, with each node's content procedurally generated
  • The world map has environmental events that trigger each time you move, influencing your next choice to path towards
  • Negative effects persists between battles


Date: October 12 2022 (Updated)
Full Price: USD $7.99
Launch Discount: 40%!





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  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • French
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  • Chinese Traditional
  • Korean
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  • German
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Hindi
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